Stone Conservationists

The ethical and practical solutions to the conservation and restoration of architecture are constantly being improved and changed. All projects must be considered for the historical and aesthetic context and clients require a unique service regarding the practical restraints of any situation. Therefore, N. Morgans Conservation has a policy where we will endeavour to undertake all our work to the highest possible standards. This requires us to review our practices regularly and continually monitor the academic and practical improvements within the craft.

We use the traditional lime mortars for building and rendering. We also specialise in restoration of churches, schools & colleges, listed buildings. Masonry restoration encompasses many aspects of the prevention and arresting of decay. Repointing, cleaning and mortar repairs are all traditional techniques used by the masons on site. Replacement stones, mason or carved are carefully matched and delivered to site for fixing.

Where historical important buildings have been neglected and stonework has deteriorated, it is often necessary to facilitate in-situ repairs and to avoid costly major disturbances and maintenance to adjacent features.

Stone indention is an ideal method of preserving the structural integrity of the façade while restoring essential architectural elements such as mouldings, lintels, collars etc.

Restoration is a highly skilled procedure and by using restoration mortar can be a more cost-effective alternative to masonry indention, using specialist coloured mortars, reinforced with stainless steel where necessary.

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Our Services Include the following:

  • Building and Restoration
  • Stone conservation
  • Renovations, refurbishment and extensions
  • Barn Conversions
  • Mechanical Pointing
  • Roof slating and lead work
  • Masonry cleaning and protective treatments
  • Brick, stone and concrete repair systems
  • Rising damp treatments and damp proofing
  • Crack stitching
  • Wall tie replacements
  • Free advisory service
  • Disabled schemes
  • Grant associated work
  • Insurance work